Friday, 4 September 2009

Autumn in the air

For the past week there has been a definite chill in the air in the mornings and today for the first time, the cottage I call home feels chilled as well. I will probably give in and put the electric blanket back on the bed this week but will try to hold off on lighting the fire just yet...!

On the tele this morning they have been commenting about the price of petrol - it is presently £4.85 a gallon and for me that makes getting to work all the more difficult. I work part time at more than one place and I normally have to travel to at least two places per day. I have had no payrise for 2 years from my main employer and it is getting harder to juggle the finances. I have no wish to claim benefits - I believe I may just qualify for minimal help. I have a certain amount of self respect and I hate the way that the people who deal with benefits claims look down their noses at you and do their best to make you feel like something they scraped off their shoe!
Id love our local MP - Alan Duncan - to try and live on the amount of income I have in a year - then he might learn what struggling is all about! In return Im sure I could struggle nicely on his salary!

Debt calls - now this is something that is really annoying me at the present time. The phone goes or when I get in from work there is an answerphone message. " Let us deal with you debts, loans, financial worries" They arent looking to take the pain away just spread it over a longer period and earn money out of it along the way. There is no way to ring them and tell them that I cant afford to have any debt!

Digital television - freeview. Can someone explain why half the channels are not actually broadcast at full strength a lot of the time so that it is not possible to receive via an aerial???
The local transmitter is less that 10 miles away but it appears that is broadcasts different groups of channels at differing strengths with the result that many are unobtainable.

Ok think I'm happier now I got that lot off my chest. Will see about picking elderberries and blackberries over the next week for jams and syrups and cordials - all good for the onset of winter.