Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Friday

The end of another week looms so what has been annoying me this week?

Equal pay for women for one - why do certain groups think that women deserve the same pay as men?
We, women, arent designed the same as men - our function on earth is different from men. Our place is to have children and to raise those children - that - if only the politically correct could see it , is the most important function because the future generations will perpetuate our place on the planet. At out present rates of abuse we dont deserve to be here and we wont be for too much longer!
I say that as someone who chose not to have children,not from any career point of view but from the position of the damage the human race is causing to the planet. I also chose to work in a male dominated industry purely from the buzz that the work gives me and not from any banner waving stance!

This world is a beautiful place but too many people are unable to see it , so driven by money and possessions, perhaps the current financial situation will force people to re evaluate their priorities.

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