Friday, 11 February 2011

My hand brushed across...

Last Saturday night, I was starting a bad cold and had fallen asleep with the laptop running on the bed as normal. I woke about 10.30ish and decided to catch up with life in the twitterverse while I had been asleep.

This involved propping myself up on one elbow, sort of lying on my side.. not easy to describe.. anyhow during the course of fidgeting to get comfortable, my hand brushed the side of my right breast.. hesitated and retraced its steps... no mistaking .. there was a lump....! I do check myself regularly and definitely hadn't noticed this before.

In the shock of the moment I blurted this info on twitter... not a bad thing I think though I appreciate not comfortable for all of my followers. Thankfully the lovely folk who have become friends over the past year rallied to my support . I felt again, it was still there... so no mistaking ,it needed sorting...

Luckily I already had an appointment with the Doctor for Tuesday afternoon on another matter, not that I was going to avoid the issue anyway... rather be told I'm an idiot than hope things will improve on their own. The Doctor felt it before she said anything so I knew I wasn't being daft. Anyway, she seemed to think it is most likely a cyst but has referred me to the breast clinic at Leicester to be certain. Yesterday the appointment arrived - for next Thursday afternoon. I had a suspected lump a few years ago and was referred to the same clinic. Its a really brilliant service and I know that by the end of next Thursday afternoon I will know if it is indeed a cyst or some other type of lump- good or bad and some idea of how it will be dealt with .

I still cant make up my mind if I should have blurted it out or kept quiet but to be honest, it feels better sharing it - shared is halved after all. I cant thank enough my twitter friends who have been great in their support and I will post next week when I have been to the hospital and I know what it is that has the nerve to hide in my breast.

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