Saturday, 26 March 2011

Biker chick? Me? No No No

Its a label Ive had applied to me several times the past few days, since I said I wanted to go to Donington Park to watch the World Superbikes on practice day.

I like engines.. always have done since childhood.. be it boats, powerboats, cars, lorries, motorbikes, - its engines. I have always preferred the company of men, my best friends have bar one always been male, right back to infant school ( playschool wasnt a common thing when I was a littl'un). Engines and workshops, spanners , wrenches, hammers,gauges, all have a great fascination for me.

Ok, so I know I tweeted sumat about testosterone, leather and oil yesterday but its not a sexual thing at all.I just find engines amazing and to watch a bike come flying down the track at over 100mph yesterday, the sounds and smells it's all just pure fascination. How you can tweak and tune a piece of metal to produce that much energy and power? - I darent go for a pass to the paddock Id never watch a bike on the track!

At work, one of our customers does repair work on ship's engines, I so want to go and see their workshop and I'm sure they'd say yes if I asked but I've resisted so far.

I guess girl's grammar school 30yrs ago wasnt the place to be if you wanted to be a mechanic and tbh I dont think I ever have wanted to follow it as a career. Engineering to our career's teacher was of the genetic or theoretical variety not the muck n bullets end of the scale.Luckily, Ive never been too far from engines and workshops be it through work or leisure so I get a "fix" of fumes on a regular basis.

I went to Donington because I thought it would make a good morning out taking photographs of something different to my usual landscapes. It made a brilliant morning out... I even took some passable photos but my best souvenir of the morning is the several recordings I made with my phone of the engines screaming out their power, slowing to a virtual stop and the powering away up a hill. They actually gave me more pleasure than I can put into words. Now, I know lots of you will think "sad cow" I dont mind, not many will understand but a few of you just might..

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