Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Do we have a guardian angel?

I dont know the answer to that but I am sure that there are more things going on in this world than we can see or control.

And so to my journey home last evening...
On my route to and from work,there is a 2 mile stretch of winding road from which I turn off to the right at a t junction that cuts back on itself at a bad angle. The whole stretch needs driving with much respect. Much of it is solid white lines, there are plenty of chevron markers to indicate bends and yet every few weeks or so you will see a car in a field or a piece of hedge taped off.

I have driven along this road since I very first came up to this part of the world in 1986/7 so its not like I'm unfamiliar with it.

Last night, on my way home I was driving along as usual when a saloon car came speeding up behind me. It isnt possible to overtake and I was doing just under 60mph where I could but slowing for the bends as I normally do. Two bends before I turn off,a strange shadow (its the only way I can describe it)passed over the car.In fact I thought it was the saloon car overtaking me but no, he was still glued to my bumper. I indicated to turn right and slowed, watching him in my mirror.. he wasnt backing off at all, I got to the point where I turn, which has a dip to obscure approaching traffic(told you its a dodgy bit of road) & I turned. Now I admit, I was bothered by the goon behind me and that is why I never looked as well as I normally do to see if the road was clear... as I turned I could see 3 cars approaching. I dont know how I got across the road without an accident.

It still makes me shiver at the thought,I know you will think me daft but as I drove home.. I wondered.. was that shadow my guardian angel moving past to prevent what might have happened?

I dont know. I never will know but whatever happened there I am grateful for it and I appologise sincerely to the drivers whose path I drove across. As for the idiot who was behind me.. I doubt he even realised what he was doing !!

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