Friday, 12 July 2013

Just do me a big favour & think before...

you open that bottle of wine this evening or crack that can of beer...let me explain.

Today is the birthday of my oldest friend ,as in known for the longest time, since we were 5. Sadly, she isn't here to celebrate, she died several years ago at the age of 42, when her liver failed through alcohol abuse.

As kids we played, went for bike rides, argued, laughed, even going to different secondary schools didn't get in the way, we kept in touch & this was way before mobile phones and computers, deemed so vital today. When she got married, I was there, at the hen nights and the weddings - there were a couple of those, each a beautiful day. Both being left handed, co-ordination was never our strong point.. we collided with each other while out riding our bikes on at least one occasion! I always envisaged we would tangle our zimmer frames when the time came but sadly that is not to be.

I'm not out to spoil anybody's fun, I truly don't want that.I am a big believer of all things in moderation
& know from observation how easy it is to have another glass, to crack another can and then another...all too soon its a couple of bottles of wine... a couple of packs of the body becomes alcohol tolerant and requires more to get the same buzz is used to provide. Alcohol is a depressant, so never will make you feel better about anything long term.

My friend was going through a divorce and custody battle, she worked hard, had a good job and drank like so many when she finished work. Noone thought she had a serious drink problem until she collapsed and was rushed to hospital. If she had died then, that would have been tragic enough but she appeared to have come through the attack and was making plans to return to her family and seek help. In the afternoon she was making plans, by 10pm she was dead!

So, tonight, please, think of what happened to my friend , of the family left behind including a young son robbed of his Mum. Think of your body & your family, love yourself and look after yourself. Don't become another victim

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