Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring has sprung back again

Health is definitely not improving by the day, early May cannot come quick enough. I am virtually housebound and not taking it well :-( .
As for the weather - tis a wet and miserable day today but these are at least interspersed with sunshine now and I havent lit the fire for at least a fortnight! The horse chestnut trees are not far off bursting into leaf, the first of the forsythia is out and the first daffs in my garden finally properly opened yesterday! I love the start of spring when the hedgerows and trees green up again and the word looks clean and renewed.

I have started to paint in watercolour again, something which gives me pleasure and constantly surprises me. I still cant believe that I can actually paint, just wish I had seriously realised years ago. Never mind , am going to play catch up now :-)!
I love to paint with acrylics as well but those are very different sort of abstract pieces which are a voyage of discovery each time I pick up a brush and open a tube of paint

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