Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Easter Sunday, not an egg or bunny in the house! The weather is true to April - cold breeze, sunshine one minute and a downpour the next. None of which I have been out to experience as I have felt really unwell this weekend. Despite this I have managed 2 watercolours and I hope to have a try at an acrylic piece tomorrow which will mean I am off on one of my surreal journeys and I have some ideas already.
Will be interested to see what a nights sleep adds to these thoughts.

There was the most lovely photo of Broadstairs harbour in the paper today, which I have kept to one side, not to paint but just for the memories of my mid teens to early twenties. I know I moved inland partly to get away from the sea but theres no denying its in my soul and I do have days when I miss the fishing boats and lifeboats, the nearby reservoirs just arent the same!

The garden is looking really pretty, the grass has greened up, the daffs are out as is the forsythia hedge and the flowering currant isnt too far behind. It would look even better if I could get out there to do some weeding and tidying but that just inst feasible at the moment so I will have to continue to be patient a bit longer.

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