Sunday, 2 May 2010

Maybe Maybe not

Well the merry month of May is upon us, the garden looks gorgeous as it always does this time of year. Id post some photos if I could work out how to...!

It also brings my operation closer - just 4 more days now before my gallbladder and I are separated and I can get back to feeling well and living again.
Its all very nice having things done for you but Im an independent sort and quite capable of doing my own thing - well normally.

This illness has also put on hold my plans to see about doing things that I want to to earn money as opposed to doing things that I can to earn money. A juggling act as there is only me so I have to ensure there is enough income to keep the rent and bills paid.

A plus from this episode has been signing up to twitter which has led to me chatting with a whole new and diverse group of peeps from all over. My music education has improved, Ive got to learn all sorts about other folk and shared a laugh or two along the way and long may it continue.
Another plus is the 2 stone in weight I have lost- tho its not a method I would recommend

My confidence in my paintings has also grown as by letting peeps see some of my work it is judged for its own sake and seems to meet favourable comment.
I need to get sorted with the various things that I make and do and see about dipping a toe into selling some.
I should get new camera sorted soon and once Im mobile again then I can get to taking some really good landscapes again but in a format that will make good quality enlargements and prints.
I have these gifts so I think its time I made use of them and put sums on the back burner again.

Life should be about the journey and the experiences along the way not just paying the bills and existing. Admittedly my health has been an issue for the past few years but once gall bladder is sorted, the rest of me feels fine. I just need to get a balance so I have a quality of life.
Id also like to travel more - in this country I mean - its such a wonderful place and tho Ive seen a fair bit there is still loads more to see and who knows perhaps even somewhere more wonderful to live than where I am now.

So heres to the future :)


  1. It sounds like you are at the doorway of a whole new life! That is very exciting. I think that as we get older, we realise all the more how short life is and that making money by having a 'proper job' is not always the way forward.

    Best of luck with the operation! We'll all be here when you are back in action.

    All the best, Kate x

  2. Thank you for popping into my blog and recommending Matt to've recommended him to EVERYONE on lets hope sales come in for him. He's amazing!!